Science pick: Nature PastCast

podcastNot sure I already mentioned this earlier, but I am a podcast junkie. The one I listen to every week is This week in Virology, and it’s “spin-offs”, This week in microbiology, and This week in Parasitism. I also listen to the Nature/Science podcast here and there, and discovered recently a new podcast made by Nature Publishing Group, the Nature PastCast.

The idea is to talk, once a month, about these old legendary papers published in Nature. The presenter and producer of these episodes gives more details about it here. The first episode is a tribute to the discovery of the structure of DNA which was 60 years ago. They feature Raymond Gosling, a 86 year-old men now, who was a PhD student in the lab of King’s college at the time of the discovery.

I thought this was a super good idea, and to come back to This week in Virology, some epidoes also consist of interviews of these “legends” of biology. One of the most amazing was the one with Pr. Marcus, the first scientist to clone HeLa cells. He talks about the whole process, and has crazy anecdotes, like his mentor calling Princeton one day and saying “I’d like to talk to Einstein, please.” I would really really recommend this podcast to everybody !

Here are the links to :

The first PastCast about DNA structure.

TVIW with Pr. Marcus 

-Many other nowadays/legend scientists guests on TVIW

And you, do you have any good podcasts to recommend ?


PI Quotes – 3 “If my son ever tells me he wants to be a scientist … “

Time for “PI Quote” number 3 …

I discussed here and there with my supervisor about making a career in academia, being a scientist, etc … So one day were I felt really good about everything, I told him that I definitely wanted to become a scientist !

I looked at mi with this half-happy/half-sad face, and said:

“If my son ever tells me he wants to be a scientist, I will slap him in the face !” 

I still think about here and there, and wonder if this was not the most blunt warning ever …

Actually, I still don’t know what to think about this …  I think no parent advices his kid to do the same job then him … or does it  happen ? What do you say ?