Hi all !

Alright, I made my come back to the lab today, and now on my blog !

During my time off, my very first paper (which is actually a review) got published ! I could not have been more happy (and relieved, yes) !

I actually enjoyed this writing phase a lot, which I had not anticipated at all. Maybe that’s even why I finally started this blog.

Anyway, I saw yesterday a wonderful picture shared by a friend, and I will just pass it over here. It’s one of the most arty and sleek insect macro’s I ever saw …

This art piece is from Martin Amm, and you can find more beautiful ones over here : http://photo.net/photodb/member-photos?user_id=2109438


Shit Graduate Students Say

Hi biologeeks !

Quick post for today again :

Probably one of the best YouTube video about graduate students I ever saw.

I think I watched it over 30 times already, and probably said half of the stuff this guy says.

With time, we literally “quote” this guy in the lab. The most popular quote is “Anybody ?” when it’s late and we are alone in the lab. And every time I have to fill 10 000 tip boxes I say “I’m gonna quit” or “Why I am doing this” !

I hope you like it as much as me.

A good start

Dear -yet unexisting- readers,

I don’t think there is a perfect start for any blog. I think you will find the first things you want to know in the About the blog/About me sections.

Nevertheless, I will start by posting the video everybody nows already. This Lady Gaga re-adaptation of “Bad romance” to “Bad project” became quickly a classic in the filed, and has been viewed 3.5 millions times at the time I write this post.

Congrats to the Zheng lab who pulled it off, it’s a masterpiece.