Greetings from Cambridge (UK, not MA) -edit with more pictures-

This week I’m on holiday following a course at the University of Cambridge. I curse myself for not reading a little bit more about the history of this place, because it’s just so full of it. People who study/studied in Cambridge are just so lucky … everything looks fancy and beautiful. It’s the first time I am on a campus that is actually visited by tourists …

After my arrival I walked to the city center to get some pictures done, as long as I still have time. Because, yeah, our planning for the week is 9 am – 10 pm of learning about Drosophila genetics and genomics.

Because of the Olympics ending, it was FULL of tourists, and luckily all the stores were opened, in particular the Apple Store, where I ran for an urgently-needed Apple travel Kit … ha-ha-ha.