Science quotes

This page will summarize the “Quotes” that I shared all over the blog.

I assure you all the PI Quotes are 100% authentic.

PI Quotes Series: 

Number 1 : “Always think that you’re the stupid one. You’re stupid, I’m stupid, we’re all stupid.”

Number 2 : “You should always choose your lab like you choose your girlfriend. Everyone has his criteria, needs, and desires.” 

Number 3 : “If my son ever tells me he wants to be a scientist, I will slap him in the face !” 

Number 4 : “Writing is very hard work”

Number 5 : “Grad students don’t stay at the lab on week-end if their salary is too high”

Number 6 : “It’s beautiful to be naïve” 

Number 7: “Drosophila, these are the kind of things you fall in love with …”

Number 8: “Laziness is a great quality for a scientist.”

Number 9: “The most important experiments are the ones you don’t do.”

Famous scientist quotes:

Number 1: “Chance favors only the prepared mind”

Number 2: “They will fool you every time”

Number 3: “Become a scientist only if you cannot imagine yourself doing anything else”

Number 4: “Theories should be treated like mistresses”

Student quotes: 

Number 1: “They don’t hire technicians anymore, they hire PhD students”

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