Me, the PhD student

Curious about the person writing this blog ?

Well, here is something about me.

I started my PhD in December 2010/January 2011. I studied at University of Strabourg, France; and moved to the Netherlands when I began my doctorate. In the lab, I play with the fruit flies (Drosophila), some viruses, computers, and funny colleagues.

Being a scientist is not just a job, it’s much more then that. Most of the time, it is about being funny, creative, excited and challenged every other day. Sometimes, it gets annoying, depressing and overwhelming. It is always about hard work and passion.

There is also life outside the lab. For me, it consists of enjoying my 20’s, with my family, my friends, and the world wide web. I love to cook, but I hate sports. I don’t have a TV, and I love seeing people’s face when they hear that. I am addicted to Internet, Apple, and Twitter. My first home will always be France, but I am also smitten with the Netherlands now. Some day, I would like to live in the States.

I have a mickey mouse attached to my pencil case, because I think we should always keep a little bit of our childhood’s naiveté  to stay curious and appreciate the world we live in without too much cynism and resignation.

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