World Cup 2014 – Flies and Football

A disclaimer to start with: I am not a football fan, at all. I just follow main events like the European and World cups because of the cheerful atmosphere of pubs where people watch the games. BnN_9_cCYAAOcSz Nevertheless, I was very excited when Integrated DNA technologies launched an awesome website called “Which Drosophila gene name will be dominant in Brazil ?”. And even more so when they asked me to contribute by writing a few posts for them. God knows I love Drosophila gene names enough to take part in anything even remotely related to their originality and wittiness. More on it here. So I wrote a few posts, wish can be found on there website:

The Netherlands (Starry night*) vs. Spain (Amontillado**)—A match preview, from the perspective of a Drosophilist.

When Research Meets Football

France (Burgundy) vs. Honduras (Gourd)—Another match preview from the perspective of a Drosophilist 

-Orange Fever

-Reporting Back From the Netherlands

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