A paper. A day

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I am now, very officially, in the last year of my PhD. In about a year, a big chunk of results will be published, and I’ll be defending my thesis in front of a committee. One of the things I don’t do enough, in preparation of this, is to read. It’s difficult to find time for it -especially during busy days-, but I decided I just have to take it, anyway.

I ambitiously decided to read 1 paper each day, until the day I defend. With a few exceptions authorized, I am not a robot. Hey.

I’m not very good at keeping resolutions, but that one, I’d really like to. I also see it as a bit of a challenge. So, to keep track,and also share it, I decided to create a Tumblr. account especially for this: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/drosophilista

Basically, I’ll post each day the paper I’ve read. Not sure I will have time to incorporate notes. But I’ll tag is at open/closed access. Good way to estimate how many papers I would miss if my university didn’t have a suscription to all main journals.

I started already last monday, and have been quite diligent since, so let’s hope it continues like that. How much do you read ? How do you do it ? I’m interested to hear your experience, so please leave a comment !

3 thoughts on “A paper. A day

  1. Sounds like a good goal! How are you choosing which papers to read? I know I should read more but finding relevant papers when I’m not looking for something specific has been tough…

    • Yes, it can be difficult to know what you should read. Actually, I do several things:
      -Re-read papers that are directly relevant for what I do and where I should remember details.
      -Read papers that I stumble upon browsing TOCs, or on twitter.
      -I also save papers that i should read in Mendeley. For resample, when I read one, and one of the references is instructing, I dave it in there for a later read.
      I have all my papers in mendeley, so if I have not idea, I just browse, and read something that fits my mood : )

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