A new year, the last year

It’s been long since I have not written about anything here. As the title of this blog says it, this new year 2014 is officially the last one of my 4-year PhD track. It feels weird and right at the same time.

Weird because time goes by so fast, because I’m starting to seriously think about what I want to do next, and because I can actually see my PhD ending in a still-blurry but imaginable future.

Right because the 4th-year PhD student I am is so different from the 1st-year PhD student I was. I enjoy being in the lab so much more, I feel like I belong there. Right because I look forward to be a post-doc. It’s scary, but I guess the right kind of scary. The same I had before I started the PhD. Right because although I love the place I’m currently living in (The Netherlands), I can also see myself moving somewhere else. Some place more sunny, and maybe a bit of a bigger city.

I’m blogging not-so-regularly (to say the least) anymore because everything got busier, denser, intenser the last months. Paper writing, experiments of course, but also conferences, abstracts, student supervision, and having a life besides of this. And it works well right now. I generally enjoy this business, and somehow work more efficiently and productively in this context.

But I wanna try posting stuff here regularly in the coming year. For the few people out there it could be interesting for. And for myself, because I like this idea of holding a “mood board”, or “journal” of my PhD times.

So I’ll come back soon, hopefully with something more substantial then New year’s Resolutions.

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