Science Stereotypes – Raising stars


After the celebrity, the raising star is the most wooed person of the conference. Probably an ambitious post-doc, or young PI, with one or some papers bringing seminal contributions to there field.

They generally developed cool techniques, ideas, and started tenure-tracks in fancy institutions. They can be divided in 3 sub-categories:

  • The ones who are not aware of their status yet, and behave just like another random person.
  • The ones who are aware of their status, but stay simple and accessible, and hang out with you at the bar despite the sudden spotlight.
  • The ones who are aware of their status, and suddenly feel like they are kings of the world. Will hang out only with other celebrities and other raising stars. You might just be good enough to bring them refreshments during poster sessions, or wax their shoes.

You really want to hang out with the two first categories; the third if you can take it. These people are the future of the field, and you will for sure have great conversations and laughs with them.

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