Science Stereotypes -2- Celebrities


Episode 2 of science stereotypes for this lazy saturday : It’s all about celebrities !


Celebrities are one of the easiest species to spot at a meeting:

  •  They are generally surrounded by hords of people, mainly admirative PI’s, ambitious post-docs, and hysteric PhD’s. They never seems to have a minute alone.
  • They might be requested to autograph their most famous research papers and books, to pose for pictures, and give keynote lectures.
  • They generally join the conference later, depart earlier, and fly 1st class.

How to deal with them ? 

My advice is to tell yourself that they are just people like us. If you want to talk with them, be strategic: spy on them, even if it means meeting them outside of the bathroom, accidentally on purpose. Then, establish contact by mentioning your read all their papers (I never said you should be honest), and try to switch to your own subject with great delicatesse. Most of the “celebrities” are actually nice and accessible people, and will enjoy the discussion. They will probably not remember talking to you 2 days after, but hey …

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