Always on our minds ?

We had an interesting discussion today around coffee break … a colleague asked me if I had been thinking about my research during my week off. I immediately said yes, but it was not everybody’s answer.


I have to admit I find it difficult to “disconnect” just over a week of holiday. It is easy to quickly check e-mails, and even to think of your projects just by looking around you. I see insects, I think fruit flies. I see sick people, I think immunity. I think I made my point. Now, if I am on holiday far away for a month, I could imagine not thinking about it every single day. But otherwise probably not.

Now, what is the good attitude (if one can do anything about it) ?

  • Is it good to be able to forget, take a few steps back, and start up with a fresh mind ?
  • Or is it just normal that people very much into their subjects like us cannot completely exclude it form their lives ?

I don’t have a clear opinion about it, since people in research can be quite different in the way they approach research, and in the way they pursue this demanding career. I will ask a few more people around me and update this post if I have more comments !

Please share you opinion in the comments and fill in the poll ! 

1 thought on “Always on our minds ?

  1. I think it depends on what you do – as a PhD student it’s hard to turn off at any time. I often wish I could!
    As I’m doing my PhD in my workplace, rather than at a university, I don’t have external access to my e-mails etc and that certainly makes a difference.

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