Trough a child’s eye

Remember your science course in high school ? The first time you saw things trough a microscope ? I remember that we at some point watched cells of an onion’s skin, or microscopic animals in water from a pond. I loved looking at these things you never would have suspected to be there, so organized and beautiful that it then seemed evident.

Generally, we next had to draw the things we saw, which was the annoying part of the process. Couldn’t we just keep watching ?

Well, today I looked for half an hour at some cells I had prepared from Drosophila embryos.  And instead of drawing, I made a picture with my iPhone trough the objective. (Take that, old biology teachers 😉) I truly felt like a child looking at these things as if they were brand new and fabulous.


And yes, I know it looks like nothing, or even a bit gross and crappy. They will probably die in a few days too, but still. They were cells, and some of them were contracting, and moving.

I just felt so nice to still have these moments of awe and wonder, I truly hope they never go away. Despite the fact that I get used to do science everyday, hear people “selling their story”, “sell there work”, “sell themselves”, and slowly get sucked in the “science business”; it is good to have a reminder of why you are really doing this for.

It’s because it can be just incredibly cool and thrilling. Cf. a previous post: The thrill, aka the reason why we do science.

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