Greetings from Strasbourg, France.


This week I am back in Strasbourg, the city where I have been a student for 5 years. There are so many places, tastes, and people there who remind me of great times. On one hand, the undergrad times feel very far away; because being a PhD student is an entire another world. One the other hand, it still feels like one of my “homes”, and I could still walk over there to my old bench, and continue experimenting.

At the time I was 17 and started the Bachelor, the University was called “Louis Pasteur”, and not “Université de Strasbourg” yet. Louis Pasteur, the great scientist, was actually a professor in Strasbourg around 1850. So yesterday, I walked in front of one of the houses where he used to live, and took a little picture. It’s in a beautiful little small street near the cathedral. It’s these sort of things you don’t care for when you actually live there,and walk in front of it all the time; but that you really notice once you’re only an occasional visitor.



Have a great week-end, people.

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