The iLab generation – Fast Counter

Time for a new app recommendation today ! A while ago, it was suggested to me in a comment on this very blog, and when I saw the description in the iTunes Store, I was immediately enthusiast. It’s called the Fast Counter.

It’s basically the app that does the annoying job of colonies on petri dishes. Look at that :



I had time to try it out a bit , by taking a classic LB plate with bacteria after transformation (about 200) and tried to count. You can set the threshold, and the color of the background; and once this is done, it is pretty effective. It does capture -LIVE- your colony number (is it the future already, right ?), but you can also take a snapshot, and count “manually” by tapping on them.

My point is, if you need a good estimate, and not a super-super-precise count (which is generally not required anyway), you should definitely try it out.

Also, the company developing that tool also made some other apps, if you like all nerdy apps for the lab like me, check it out on their website ! It’s called Shazino. 

3 thoughts on “The iLab generation – Fast Counter

  1. Fellow fly pusher here. After behavioral experiments, I used to have to count the number of flies that chose one odor versus another. After counting thousands and thousands of flies, I wished there was an easier way. Do you think this colony counter would be able to count the number of flies on a fly pad? Have you ever given that a try? Maybe if you spread the flies out on the pad so none are touching, it could work? Would love to hear your feedback!

    • Hi fellow fly pusher ! I had never tried, but just did it know. i’ll sent you an email with my results and will write a little post about it too, could be of general interest !

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