New things, old feelings.

My new years resolutions of writing regularly is sinking already; but hey … circumstances are exceptional. I’ve been busy sitting up a decent website for my lab, and busy doing things that were new for me.

Tout d’abord, my first student is graduating tomorrow. It’s strange, because not so long ago, I was graduating, and now I am sitting among the jury members. Not idea how this will turn out … probably fine tough.

And my student was so sad to leave the lab today, had a gift for me, and said she would not like to leave at all. Somehow, it made me feel like I had done my job right, despite the little obstacles on the road.

Ensuite, last week-end took place a 3 hours brainstorming session with our group, and our “homework” was to think about what the research directions could be, what the big questions of the field were, how we should approach them, etc …

Men this was tough. I never had to put that much thoughts in it, because it’s so easy to focus on your little PhD project, and keep the big picture blurry in the background. This was a good wake-up from the lethargy. And I realized abruptly how difficult that “job” really was. Making plans for things that cannot really be planned. Thinking about the conflicts between your ideal research plans, and the ones that take into account some strategy and avoid you crab nests. Deciding where to focus. And how much the costs in people, hands, and money would be.

Overall, I was relatively happy with the ideas I could put on paper under short notice, and maybe with more training and time, I could actually draw comprehensive and realistic research lines.

I’m so glad I’m not a PI just yet (maybe, eventually some day, but hey, …) and can enjoy the time where money comes in, and I get to worry only about my own projects. Ah, the luxury …

3 thoughts on “New things, old feelings.

  1. I’m happy for you that this training-student story finally ends ‘fine’, after the talks we had on the topic. It must be a very exotic experience to sit as a jury member and be part of the final decision…
    By the way, I love the new design of your blog !
    By the way-bis, I also loved the Mastering-your-PhD-book, thank-you again for this recommandation 🙂

  2. I like the idea of brainstorming with the entire group about the big picture. Think I’m gonna suggest that to my boss too, as nobody really seems to have a good overview over the single projects…

    By the way, I’m with the previous commenter. I like the new design!

  3. Thank you guys … I was no very sure about the new design, but if you like it, I am reassured.
    Klara, this was our first real “brainstorming” session too, and indeed, everybody liked it !

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