Would we work more if we had more sun ?

“Would I work more if I had more sun ?” … I’ve been wondering about this lately, as a result of the bad weather over here in the Netherlands (or let’s, winter coming), and vague thoughts about doing post-docs in sunny places.

I am not sure this is true, or proven in a scientific manner, but it just feels right, no ? People are more happy and energetic when getting enough sun and producing vitamin D under their skin. Does it mean you work more … I’m not sure. Think of Europe and the eternal clichés that people from the South are lazy.

And Google kind of contradicts itself on the subject. For sure there is something called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, haha …); and it could impact productivity. At the end, it probably really varies from individual to individual.

Until I relocate to a hopefully sunnier place, I enjoy having a big window in front of my bench to get the occasional sunlight and do some cutaneous photosynthesis. (inside joke)

I’ll leave you with pictures I’ve been drooling over looking at :

One from the Center of Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain :

And one from the Salk institute in La Jolla, California :


I think I don’t need to comment further anymore …

PS: My apologies for the short and incredibly superficial post. It’s midnight, and I am incapable of doing better for today.

2 thoughts on “Would we work more if we had more sun ?

  1. so relevant wondering 😉 since the weather indeed is bad lately (winter is coming). to my opinion, i think it may be not work more, but could work more efficient, since good weather really can make you energetic, happy, good mood –> and to me, energetic, good mood mean work more efficient :). Agree? si no? 😀

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