PI Quotes 7 – “Drosophila, these are the kind of things you fall in love with …”

This is good stuff. Since a few weeks, I am the supervisor of an undergrad. When she came to the lab; my supervisor introduced her to our work, and told her: “Drosophila …, these are the kind of things you fall in love with …” with this semi-serious/semi amused look.

I found it terribly funny and terribly true. I know quite a few people who are in love with their flies. I am in love with them also. And I have pictures of them hanging over my bench.

The most recent one if have it here :

It can be found here, and is designed by the fly jedi and brilliant scientist Pavel (Tomancak), and made by his colleague Radek . (Both can be congratulated for the beautiful picture on twitter, btw)

In the book “Fly pushing: the theory and practice of Drosophila”, by Ralph Greenspan, it is written that you cannot decently work with an animal model without connecting with it in some way. You have to love your model. And sure enough, after a few weeks, I can see that my student is totally falling for them also 🙂 They must have some kind of super-power.

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