Famous Scientists Quotes -2- : “They will fool you every time”

I’m still a little bit in my Drosophila’s-are-the-best phase, and I remembered today one of the many witty quotes from Alfred Sturtevant, one of the father’s of Drosophila genetics, who worked with Thomas Hunt Morgan himself. (More on his life and achievements here) 

This man had a lot of wisdom to say: “They [the flies] will fool you every time”.      Every person who ever worked in a fly lab knows it’s true. I think about it every time my experiments turn out weird. And it makes me smile again.

Indeed, if there is a way for them to escape the tube or the room, they will find it. If your crossing scheme is dodgy or risky, they will fail you. Even if it’s not, they will still try. Sometimes, it just feels like they resent us for keeping them in the lab, and messing with their genes 🙂 I swear that I once felt one bite me (still not kidding).

So, new drosophilists in the making, now you cannot say you didn’t know 🙂

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