Lab romance

Hey guys,

We had a very good laugh during coffee break today, when a college of mine told us about the perfect way to be romantic for a scientist. Pre-requisit is that the other person kind of understand science too.

So here it is : A heart in a DNA agarose gel.


We were actually talking about a gel picture saying I love you, or let’s say I heart U, but I could not find it by googling. (if anybody find it’s please share !)

Actually, despite the extreme geekiness of it, I think it’s super cute and romantic. And quite some work.

Because of course, we tried to imagine ourselves doing this, and it would require a lot of primers, amplifications products, and perfect gel composition for equal running at the top and the bottom of the gel. Not to mention persuasion to get your PI to order all that stuff. (Non-molecular biologist probably clicked elsewhere by now) Wouldn’t that be a convincing proof of love ? 😉

Yep, this  made my day … You like it ?

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