Science is a girl thing. Really ?

I fell off my chair when I saw that little video buzzing of twitter & co this week-end.

It’s a promotional clip made by some people sitting in chairs and thinking about how to promote women in science at the European Commission. Yep … I’m not even joking.

Seriously, they could hardly have done a worse job then that. Although the goal (promote women in science) is perfectly legitimate, I don’t think that this is the way to do it. This is the way you sell make-up and high-heels.

If the clip is supposed to show woman in science, why is it the guy who sits  in front of the microscope and wears a white coat ? (and why does he looks at them like a creep ?) Why do they walk  and look like they were the actresses of Sex and the City ? And why is everything pink and so artificial ? 

This is just the worse way to promote equality between men and women in science, that is far from been achieved. I wondered if these people ever set foot in a lab to see how it really looks, and how it’s generally far from glamourous.

Today I attended a PhD defense where the entire jury of 8 people was constituted by 40 to 70 year old men. Girls, we still have a long way to go … (Note to myself: I should write a post to discuss this in more details some time.)

7 thoughts on “Science is a girl thing. Really ?

  1. I just read the video was removed from their youtube channel. This video is/was not only bad for women in science, but for science in general. To me, it’s a sign there are jobs ready to be taken at the commication department of european commission. Always good to know.

  2. Horrified by this promotional clip! Using a sexualised image of women to promote women in science is just wrong. Women in science just need to speak like and act like equals, not subject themselves to physical scrutiny of any form!

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