PI Quotes – 2 “You should always choose your lab like you choose your girlfriend.”

I got a comment from Lythfire on my previous post, and honestly, it’s so good that it totally deserves it’s own post. So here we go :

 I clearly remember my very first PI, who was italian, when I had the interview for a training, telling me :

“You should always choose your lab like you choose your girlfriend. Everyone has his own criteria, needs, and desires.”

I love this quote, I actually also agree with the idea.
Choosing a lab is not always 100% rational, and the end decision sometimes relies on feelings and impressions in addition to true criteria like publications, funding, infra-structures… The fact that it’s really difficult to “break up” with a lab and “move on” to another one when you truly like it is one more piece of evidence.  Finally, in many cases, separation can end in a bitter divorce
Many thanks for sharing this, dear Lyhfire, 😉

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